Sunday, 27 June 2010

Thursdays are special days (at least from 4-7!)

Every Thursday, I pick up the little guy from nursery as soon as I've finished work. Thursday evenings are OUR time - Daddy plays golf every thursday so the boy and I do something fun together. We sometimes go out for pizza at one of our favourite restaurants or cafes, stop off for delicious icecream or just play in our garden.
The past couple of weeks, our thursdays have involved taking the dog for a walk, playing football and taking lots of photos. I have tonnes of photos from our thursdays and want to share many of them (and will do at some point!).
But - I have taken up Shimelle's Invitation  to choose just ONE picture and do something with it. The photo above was taken this thursday when the little guy had a short-lived grump over my football technique - I'm still not entirely sure what the issue was but it was enough to make him throw himself to the grass and adopt this crosspatch pose with his football.
I'm so pleased Shimelle set this little challenge as it was all the inspiration I needed to create this little post today. Thanks Shimelle!
I love this photo and I LOVE my boy.  He is truly special - even if he does criticise my sports skills!


  1. I LOVE the photo you chose, Cat. SO cute and expressive!

  2. Maybe it's just that you are a girl?! Brilliant photo.

    I loved your comment on mine last made us laugh out loud. Thank you x

  3. Cute photo! You never how our children will react when we do things. :)

  4. aww that is a very cute grumpy come it never looks so cute when they get to 40something hmmmm lol thanks for stopping by.x