Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Day 1 (catch up!)

If you don't know what the Creativity Boot Camp is all about then you must go and check it out RIGHT NOW! (but then come back please!)

For those of you that know all about it or maybe even came here because you're a fellow bootcamper, you'll know that I am on a major catch up as today is actually Day 4 and here I am just starting Day 1. Bear with me - I have ideas, creative ones even and i'm so looking forward to sharing them!

I was a little unsure as to which medium to work in as I am a Scrapbooker, Art Journaller and I LOVE to take photos (but still don't feel comfortable calling myself a photographer - maybe that's something to be addressed over the next couple of weeks!?)

Also I am very short on time in these next few weeks (other teachers in Summer term craziness  will undoubtedly appreciate this too!) and needed something that would work in terms of time and also with regards to enhancing my creativity.
And then I realised that I had the answer right here at WoollyKitten! So, I've decided that photos and words on this blog will be my way of participating in BootCamp. I'm so excited!!

So, Day one...


I created this layout as part of the UKS CyberCrop a couple of months ago. The class was Pall Mall and this was my interpretation. I've used it for my 'Ivory' prompt as this word always reminds me of my dress.

We got married in St Lucia, almost 5 years ago and it was the most fabulous, magical day. I had such a lovely time creating the layout as the photo reminded me that we hadn't planned to have a 'first dance' but were gently pushed onto the terrace just as the saxophonist began to play 'Truly' by Lionel Richie. Happy thoughts...


  1. i like your photos alot, welcome to boot camp!!!

  2. What a stunning bride you made :)

  3. thanks for the encouragement. I've been way too busy recently to really focus on bootcamp.
    I love your these photos! and you had a lovely bouquet too :)
    This is perfect for day #1.

  4. your creation is beautiful! and so is you and your dress!

  5. What a gorgeous dress you had :-)