Monday, 5 July 2010

second challenge...

...and this is the picture for my second challenge. We were asked to take a picture there and then so I just grabbed my iPhone and snapped this picture of myself.
I know it's not flattering at all but it really does show how tired and pale I am at the moment!
I'd just got in from work and things are SO hectic at the moment (hence why, I've just returned from an evening dance class, it's now 10.30 pm and i'm up in the loft attempting to write reports (or blog about Shimelle's class actually!)) and i'm a little worn out but also feeling quite happy about it all - not long until the summer hollibobs!
The above photo is a hipstamatic pic and i'm hoping to write more about my love affair with this fabulous app at a later date.
Off to check if the first full prompt has arrived from Shimelle.....!

Shimelle's new class and the first challenge...

It has started!!! Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages by Shimelle is finally underway. I just love Shimelle's classes and think that this one will be fabulous!!
We began today with two challenges - the first one was to choose a picture we'd already taken - the criteria was that it had to make us smile!

I knew straightaway that I wanted to use this picture as I took it yesterday and keep going back to look at it as it makes me smile so much! The little guy and I went to our local National Trust property and they have a new dressing up room. He loves it so much. He was particularly attached to this mask and I thought we may have to take it with us but luckily it went back in the box at the promise of our picnic!

I took a ton of pics but just love the cheeky little expression caught in the mirror on this one!

I haven't attempted the second challenge yet but will let you know when I do...