Monday, 5 July 2010

Shimelle's new class and the first challenge...

It has started!!! Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages by Shimelle is finally underway. I just love Shimelle's classes and think that this one will be fabulous!!
We began today with two challenges - the first one was to choose a picture we'd already taken - the criteria was that it had to make us smile!

I knew straightaway that I wanted to use this picture as I took it yesterday and keep going back to look at it as it makes me smile so much! The little guy and I went to our local National Trust property and they have a new dressing up room. He loves it so much. He was particularly attached to this mask and I thought we may have to take it with us but luckily it went back in the box at the promise of our picnic!

I took a ton of pics but just love the cheeky little expression caught in the mirror on this one!

I haven't attempted the second challenge yet but will let you know when I do...


  1. love your pictures see you in class x

  2. I adore this photo!!! You have really captured the excitement and joy in his face. : ) Nice work!!!!