Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tell your Story - Lots of pages...

My little guy was doing some painting and it was such a lovely moment, just watching him concentrating and enjoying being creative. He had this fantastic technique - using both hands at once and sticking his tongue out a little as he drew swirls and scribbles. I used one of the gorgeous pictures he'd created as the background for this page where I journalled about how fabulous it had been to just take time to sit and watch my boy be creative.

I used a magazine page as a background for this page which is very simply about my love of baking. I love this meringue topped image and was determined to make use of it somewhere. This seemed like the perfect topic to journal about - Baking is one of my favourite things of all time.

I really enjoyed creating this page which is just a list of everything I did on a particular day. I hadn't realised quite how much i'd done on this day until I managed to fill the page...

I'm having a lot of fun creating these Art Journal Pages and following what my classmates at Tell Your Story are up to via the Red Velvet Flickr Group.


  1. Hi Cat ~ I love the way your art journal is progressing and it's awesome that you included your little one's art as a page! LOVE that!

  2. What lovely pages, must have been loving seeing your son being creative. Thanks for following my blog. Anesha :)

  3. ooh i love yoru art journal...., so gorgeous!!! i'm now a follower to you blog - excited to see what you do for creativity boot camp!!! xxx