Saturday, 7 November 2009

Who ate my porridge?

So, I think Christmas may be on its way! I've only really started to notice Christmassy things in the past couple of days and can't believe it is only 7 weeks away. I have a bit of a love affair with this time of year and suspect there will be many Christmas-related posts to come in the near future!

Do you like my photo? I used to live in Canada and this is one of my favourite pics (subject-wise, not quality obviously!!) from the ice sculpture competition in Qu├ębec City. I have many happy memories of my time spent in Canada and suspect there will also be some reminiscing about this to follow....

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  1. I love your blog - great pictures!! I'm in a festive mood already - I think preparing for Shimelles next class is helping :)

    I am British but moved here to Canada 7 years ago - the ice festivals and their carvings are amazing aren't they? We have them here in Edmonton, but the best one we saw was at lake Louise in the Rockies - with the ice castle on the lake for the children to skate through! Stunning!

    One of the blessings of our looooooooooong Winters ;)