Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hector the scaredy dog.

I know he looks cute and lovely here but this dog is driving me crazy at the moment!!
He has never been bothered by fireworks before - in fact he's been more like our cats who hop onto the windowsill to see where the noise is coming from but this year has been RIDICULOUS.

Shaking, whimpering, whining, salivating - this little doggie is terrified of all the loud bangs and is currently hiding out in his bed feeling very sorry for himself. Poor Hector - I think we'll all be very glad when the firework season is done and dusted!


  1. Awww poor thing!!!!

    I miss Bonfire night and all the fireworks although I don't miss all the kids messing about with them on the streets for weeks lol!!! Or having to go to the bonfire in the rain ;)

  2. awww! so cute! thankfully, mine do okay with fireworks.

    whats bonfire night?

  3. Poor little cutie pie! We had a dog years ago and he was scared too, it's terrible.
    Love the ice sculpture pic, they're fantastic.
    It is going to be fun to se what you will be blogging about in the future!

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhh..what a face! He is a cutie.

  5. Poor little guy! At one time, I literally gave my dog St. John's wort to relax her. In her old, old, age, she's definitely calmed down. . . except for the doggy dementia and hallucinating!

  6. Oh dear your poor dog, I wonder why they suddenly get petrified, one of my cats is the same.

  7. I had a dog who was petrified of the noise of fireworks until she went deaf in old age!!! Not much help sorry, but I can sympathize - she would follow me everywhere, I even had to have her in our tiny bathroom when I bathed the kids!