Saturday, 14 November 2009

The bigger picture!


  1. Fab Picture - and I love the digi art - will have to check out the site now!!

    Thanks for posting on my blog, Cat - yeah, totally agree with you about the Covonia stuff... I never had it (just had the normal cough syrup), and it's disgusting!!! Means it must be good and help in a minute???? Surely???? ;)

  2. I love your header. It really is pretty!

  3. Hi Cat,
    I love that picture you've posted. So fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog & for letting me know about that bad link. I've fixed it. The link to that book is

  4. I LOVE the header,You should be very proud of yourself.I have that bit to master yet.Was told today by a friend to put your pictures on blog first,then do the writing afterwards around it.
    Hope that will be some help.Oh and get Picasa of the internet,its fab for doing your photos on your computer,then load on to your blog from there.