Monday, 17 May 2010

More pages - Today felt....

When I first saw the title for this prompt I thought "Hooray - I love felt and have loads of pretty colours stashed away!". Even after reading the prompt twice I didn't get where the felt part came in and was a little confused...

It was only when I came back to the prompt later that day that I FINALLY realised that the prompt was trying to get us to think about how our day had felt.
As in feelings.
Silly me!!

So I created a double page about how that day had gone for me all about 'Emily Day'. Emily is working as a volunteer in my class at the moment. She is the best volunteer ever.
Oh, and she's also my sister!!!

I used different blues tissue paper,mod podged to the page in layers. Black journalling pen and some rub ons plus a paperchase sticker (oh how I ADORE that store!!) then a daft Emily photo atop a Boden catalogue body. I never buy anything from Boden, finding it obscenely pricey but their catalogues are rather lovely indeed!


  1. It's Ok I thought it meant you were going to show us something you made with felt too! It's a great page all the same :)

  2. HOW CUTE!!! I love this :-) Stop by...I tagged you!