Friday, 23 April 2010

A new craft space

A while ago, I found this picture in a magazine (and I can't remember which one!) and loved it immediately. I adored the idea of having a dedicated space to get crafty in and although I loved our house (see pictures in previous posts if you've not already!), there just wasn't the option of having that kind of space to myself.

It's been a while since I last posted though and I have to tell you that
Our new house is fabulous and there is a whole extra floor upstairs. My rather lovely husband has very generously agreed that this can be my space so my 'crafty loft' is in progress. I'm so excited!!

I have had a huge sort out of all my stash and now I actually know where almost all my supplies are - that's a first! My task now is to organise available furniture and put all those lovely supplies away in some sort of orderly fashion...easier said than done!

I'll leave you with some pics of the loft as it is currently. Very plain,very uninspiring. All comments and suggestions hugely welcome!!

You'll notice in the next pic that the head room is fairly limited so I decided to make use of all the fairly low furniture we already had and use big cushions to sit on when crafting. I'm still not convinced by this idea though - it's not as comfy as i'd envisaged!

I should be back soon as i'm taking part in the UK Scrappers Cyber Crop this weekend so hope to have some lovely creations to share from some of the classes. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see what the classes involve....


  1. Good to see you back! Enjoy your new space, it looks wonderful

  2. How exciting! A new craft space! I'm sure you will be inspired just by organizing your things and making the space your own. My only suggestion would be to paint the walls (or at least one or two) a fun color before you get too much furniture in there. :o) Enjoy!!!

  3. Congrats!!! I share a space with my boyfriend right now, but we are buying a house and on our lists of wants is a specific space just for me :-) Can't wait to see how you decorate!